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This was a delight to read. I liked the little bits of discernment sprinkled over the story. It was the perfect amount.
Good for Auntie Liv! I suspect it took as much courage for her to approach the MC, as it did for the MC to receive her generous offer. :) This was well written and had me in that quaint little apartment, nervous for both.
A fun read with a great message. Excellent writing.
Great take on discern. Auntie
showed it all the way through. Well paced with an easy flow. Very good writing! Blessings, Ruth
If I didn't know differently I would say Aunt Liv is the lady I know as Mrs. Thomas in my novel 'Tales from the Front Porch Swing.'

Mrs Thomas feels she has a calling, but oft times she wonders if it is only nosiness! In truth both she and Liv are kind, caring people.

I like Aunt Liv. You did an excellent job bringing her to life.

I have a hard time reading most entries.I enjoyed reading about Aunt Liv. Good work!
Iris VanDeventer-Whitney
I loved the descriptions in this story, as well as its gentle humor (like the spilled coffee at the end). I think it's great that your MC had an Aunt Liv in her life to help her and encourage her along. You almost could have called it "Auntie Liv Helps Me Live." ;)
This is so good. I enjoyed reading it. I like the way you worked discernment throughout the article. Very good.
An excellent take on this topic. Enjoyable, and most of all, believable. Don't you just love it when the Lord shines the way very clearly?
This was one of the best pieces I've read this week! I loved the humor comfortably woven through (Her Hairiness cracked me up), especially the last line. Well written and very chuckle worthy. Loved it!
Yay! Congrats on your EC! :D
Congratulations on this really well written story. Fun to read.
Congratulations on your placing and EC win! Enjoyed your delightful story.