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I was so deeply moved by this heart breaking tragedy of loosing both Grandma and Mom so close together, especially while being pregnant. And that first Christmas afterwards, made my heart swell with empathy from those precious post-it notes. And then those flowers from the mother's best friends on the MC's Birthday was such a special touch. You did an excellent job touching this readers heart!
This was quite a story. I wouldn't be surprised if it is totally true. You told it well. we felt it along with you. That's good writing. I hope this does well! Blessings, Ruth
Thankyou for sharing so wonderfully this heart-rending time in your life. The heartache, the comfort of God, love and kindness of others, etc etc, are obviously still so very real to you. Beautifully shared and an amazing encouragement to all who are suffering. Thankyou.
What a difficult chapter in your life you shared so well. The hope at the end reminds me of how blessed we are as Christians to have, not only our precious memories, but also the hope of seeing our loved ones in heaven.
Oh my. I can sometimes relate to stories, but I felt like I had written parts of this one. When I had my first birthday after my mother's death, I distinctly heard her say "Happy Birthday" to me. It was very real and comforting. She passed away the day before Thanksgiving, and none of us felt like having Christmas that year. This was a very moving story. Thank you for sharing.
Heart breaking story told with such hope in the end. Well done. Sniff.
One day at a time, Lord Jesus. Some days our cups seem to run over with troubles and you have described that. Praise God,a new day always dawns and we see yet again His tender care. Thanks for sharing your life as an encouragement to others.
if more good writers would write about times like this, I think people wouldn't have such a hard time going through things. Great story of a difficult time. Thanks!
What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it. It is a comfort to know how much Jesus cares for us, even during the hardest of times.
Thank you for such a personal, heart-rending account. You conveyed the love between your mom and you so beautifully by describing how she brushed the hair from your face. I was also deeply touched by the fact that you both shared the joy of your baby being a girl.

How wonderful that we have: a Father who turns our mourning into dancing; and the promise of a joy-filled reunion with your Mom and Gran.
Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your transparency will bring encouragement to many going through difficult times. Especially when trials heap up like a mountain.

I too can relate to your story having similar things happening in my life. God knows exactly what we need and loves us enough to provide it.
Wow! You really placed your heart on the page in this one. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal time of your life. It is sometimes amazing how much we experience the same feelings while writing about things that happened long ago. You took me with you. Great writing.
This one pulled a powerful emotional response from me. It made me cry. Not easy to do that. Good job... sniff, sniff.
When all the things around us fall apart, it is then we need God most, for He is the only One we can trust and hope. A moving and heartbreaking story, yet filled with confidence in the Lord. Thank you for sharing this.