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Extremely "touching" story. You conveyed your feelings and brought me into the room with you. This sounds like a true story. If so, I pray God has given you the peace you need to accept His decision.
Wow I don't know what else to say. i pray I never have to experience this type of heart-break. This is a beautiful tribute to children everywhere struggling with the fight against cancer.
Poignant and tearful story that evokes emotion. Thank you for writing this.
Powerful. Intense. Lovely.
Just beautiful... there are no better words except to say how wonderfully you have captured the experience of many. Thankyou. Congratulations on your well placed win.
Congratulations! You deserved to win for this beautifully written story.
Hard to read because to read is to experience it at some level. And I did.
Powerful, strong, capturing. Yes, of course, a winner in so many ways.

Congratulations on your #1 placing. I'm so hoping this isn't a true story yet even if it isn't true to you, it is for so many other people. Very nice writing.
Congratulations Sarah! What a wonderfully written tearjerker. This a much deserved win!!
Congratulations, Sarah. Powerful and well-written. I know this could be a great encourager to others who have or are going through the same thing.
This was very moving. You have invited your readers into a very personal and intimate experience. Because you have written so beautifully and articulately, many have already asked if this is a true story. Certainly it is many people's "story" and you have captured the emotion so well. Congratulations on your win.
I could only restate what has already been said, but would like to add my "Congratulations" and God Bless.
I do not know if this story is true. Like someone said in other comments, it is true to someone. If this is your story, we share a common bond, for I have walked this walk and reading this account rang so true from my one experiences in may ways. You deserve a first place, for I felt the emotion of the mother's bittersweet longing and prayers. thank you.
Excellent writing. Well done!
Wow, one of our family friends just had a nine-year-old named Luke pass away from cancer a couple of months ago. His story was much the same as this Luke's... able to show God's love to so many people dispite his physical pain. Well done. Is this a tribute to a real person?
It's difficult to know how to comment on stories like these - when my throat swelled before I could finish the first paragraph and tears were falling at will. I, too, pray it is not a true story for you, but if it is, I am sorry for your earthly loss. Luke and his mother both sound like amazing children of God. Great, great writing.
Congratulations on your well-deserved win. This was a beautiful, well-written, glorious piece.

Thank you.
Absolutely beautiful and deeply touching. Congratulations on your well deserved win.
All the previous comments sum up what is lacking in my own ability to describe this remarkable piece of writing. Congratulations on a very well-deserved EC.