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As a nurse I can relate to your story and your feelings.
I've been there. It brought back memories of a "Little Princess" I cared for in the Nursery at the hospital where I worked. Back then, Neonatal facilities were in very few local hospitals. Fortunately, this little one survived without it. I would just make one comment
about a phrase that stood out. Instead of using "mental absence," I would have used "preoccupation."

As a former OB nurse, I could definitely relate. There weren't many little ones that came through without a family, but when one did we would think up a name for her and make sure she had plenty of loving and cooing. This story took me back to one of the happiest times in my life- when I worked as an OB nurse.
I've got a wave of goosebumps coursing up and down me! What a great story filled with an extended depth of love by the MC. It does my heart good!!!!
That is so sweet! This story really touched me. I wanted to pray for the "Little Princess" along with the woman! What a wonderful thing she did for that little girl. I certainly hope the girl found a loving family who would cherish her and the early pictures of her hospital days.
I agree with the other comments: you nailed this one. Great writing. You brought me right there with you into that ministry process, and touched me deeply.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level.