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I don't know if this is a true story or not, but something like this actually happened to me. My first marriage (husband was at fault, not the girl). After we seperated I got a phone call a hesitant voice wanting to apologize to me, yet she said I didn't know her. Long story short~ I couldn't talk to her at first, had to go for a long walk and deal with some feelings I thought were gone~God dealt with me. That was an opportunity to witness to someone who had been manipulated. Today after after eight years I still talk to this lady, and she is now raising her two boys in church one she was pregnant with before we were even divorced. Of course he has nothing to do with them. BUT GOD! :) Great story.
This is a great story with a wonderful message. It felt a little tell-heavy, lots of back story without much "shown" to the reader. Your creativity is obvious.
I love the title to this. You have a wonderful way with words in delivering emotional imagery. You don't tell us about her show us how she feels. Great job! :)
This is an interesting story with an important message.
Wow! This one makes me smile at your descriptions then makes me nurse my banged up toes because it's so close to home then makes me gasp when I find out why you didn't want to see this woman then you made me smile again and then.... breathe... ahhhh... Nice story, Kim. I'm sure we can all relate in some way to it.
I love the way you phrase things. I almost forgot what the topic was until I hit the ending. Great job!