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This was difficult to read, but only because it dealt with such unpleasantness. You wrote it superbly and I would have liked to read the "rest of the story" to see if your mc gains the courage to leave. Excellent writing!
A hard reality for some.
Well done.
Wow this is intense. I've noticed several stories about bad touches, your story was done well, it captured my attention as I held my breathe hoping she would find a way out. But like there are stories about bad touches, they are there because so many people have witnessed how a cruel touch can destroy someone. You definitely showed the truth in your story. Outstanding writing.
I agree with all the comments. Very well written.
This story has the nitty-gritty touch that makes the emotions very real and gut-wrenching. I wanted to reach down and pull her out from the vicious cycle of abuse. I hope she has the strength to break free from this very soon...
Excellent writing.
Crossroads...Excellent title!
You really did do a superb job conveying the gut wrenching emotions of the heart in such a horrendous situation.
You have great writing skills. The story made my stomach sore:( Can't imagine what this situation would be like but you provided a vivid, believeable scene in this shorty story.
As someone who has lived this scenario, you wrote it spot-on. It is one of those "hold-your-breath" stories which means the goal of show vs tell was accomplished perfectly. Great job.
You definitely captured the horror of living in an abusive relationship. My heart was pounding for your MC and praying at the same time. Great job capturing the emotions in this piece.
Oooo, well written. You had us there with her, scared, but also begging her to have the courage to walk away.
This was very painful to read, but as Kim said, spot on.

Great job.
Glad this one won an EC. It brings attention to a very important topic and does so with very well chosen words. Splendid.

Congratulations on your win! Most definitely deserved!!
I can't believe I forgot to leave you a comment:( This story is so very disturbing and so real in many homes. Sad.

Congratulations on your EC!!!
Ah, so very sad! It fits the topic of touch very nicely, but I felt for Jeanie. I wish she'd haul off and slug the idiot. Nicely done-I was pulled into this sad tale. ^_^ Congrats!
My heart is heavy to read this fiction story that we know is true in so many lives. I agree that this one in the EC list is important to shed light on an often overlooked issue.