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Ok - so this is a WOW entry - I'm jealous. But wonderously so! :)
Agreed - this entry rocks! A definite winner! Thanks for sharing!
Way to go! This was awesome! I think this has a strong chance of getting published in a Christian magazine. Go for it! You've done well.
I agree with Kyle. This is a wonderful piece.
Such a unique piece! Awesome viewpoint and setting. Great work!
Unique presentation. Very good.
Excellent concept, well presented. This is great. Well done!
BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! Just completely, totally, and in all ways BRILLIANT!
I love it! I liked the implications of the description of the 7th floor--good things to remember to stay away from.
This was so-o-o-o-o creative. A sure winner! Well done.
Great imagary, very creative. You have a wonderfully distinct voice - the young girl is a great central character and this is definatly my favourite of the 'hotel as hell' entries. God bless.
Imaginative, creative, out of the box ... ya gotta love it! Since it is so strong I will pick at it a bit. One shortfall in my eyes... just one. We spend time with Lucius going up to each floor and then spend time again with Jordan coming back down to each floor. Thats 14 stops in 750 words. Hard to fully engage each setting as well as possible that way. That said, the relationship between Jordan and Lucius was done quite well. Clear a spot on your mantle ... looks like a winner to me!
I had to read this slowly to capture everything this piece contained. Awesome work! Seems to be unanimous - this one deserves to be on top.
Excellent, creative writing - well done!
Blessings, Lynda
I will add my "bravo" to all the rest. Way to go!
And ditto to the above - this was such a unique take on the topic, and very well written.
One may plant, another may water, but it is God who gives the increase! Great story.
This was great!!!!!!! What else is there to say?
I have goose bumps... they're just now going away... absolutely amazing! I loved this! Brilliant! Can I say more? This HAS to win! Wonderfully written, terribly creative... God did magic in this one! An early congrats to you! Blessings, Amy Verlennich
You are Author Extraordinaire! You don't need me to tell you how great this was!
JC, due to a lack of judges for the Hotel/Motel Challenge, I was judging all three levels. When I read your entry, I just wrote one word next to it - "EXCELLENT." Truly, you are going from strenght to strength. I know that you still see the flaws, but it's that incredible commitment to excellence that is seeing you doing so well week after week. Congratulations on an extremely well deserved win. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Wow! I see why you took first here. Excellent, excellent story. I loved every single line.
Congratulations, JC! This is a great story with an very imaginative streak to it. I'm left wondering what you would have done with the story and characters if you hadn't limited yourself to a word count. I'm looking forward to perhaps one day reading the full-length version.
Excellent. So very creative!
JC your story is really captivating and elevating I might add. Congratulations..very excellent!! I liked the end so much when Jordan said, "that's not my job."
God bless ya, and many more I hope to come,
I read this to my preteen and teenager because I thought it was so exceptional. Couldn't comment before this because I didn't have computer access for awhile. By the way, my teenager understood the symbolism.
I finally got around to reading this. It is amazing. Praise the Lord for this awesome piece of writing and congrats to you.
Big open handed applause from me.
I finally got around to reading this. It is amazing. Praise the Lord for this awesome piece of writing and congrats to you.
Big open handed applause from me.
Well done, this article ministered to me in more ways than one. Congratulations on wining first place you deserve it