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Believable writing, showing the confusion between memory and current reality that trauma can produce. I'm pleased to see how you connected the trauma with the fact the enemy can capitalize on it and put the victim in bondage to fear; and the freedom to be realized when this is brought to the Lord in prayer.
I've had dogs try to attack me too, even though I really like dogs. You did a good job expressing the pain and fear something like that can bring, as well as the relief that comes from turning it over to God.
Man, oh man.
Great read.
I have a treadmill in my garage.
I can't seem to walk the neighborhood just because of stray dogs. Even the ones behind fences scare me!
This was extremely evocative; the way you put words together painted such a realistic scene. I was with you the whole time, feeling your panic, and your relief as you gave the fear to Jesus. What a wonderful story with some really great writing.
Very authentic writing - you captured the sounds and smells of a hospital in such a realistic way. The beginning was a real "attention grabber" and the end (suggesting they get a puppy) was really cute and showed (instead of told) of her healing. Great writing!
There is a great message in your story. Thanks for sharing.
Great story...and it's so true how our sense of smell can trigger past memories.
Certainly resonates with me, and others that left comments as well! Loaded with physiological and spiritual truth. Good job.
The smell of fear--a creative idea fitted into a well-written story.
Excellent story. Well told.
Blessings, Ruth
You have successfuly conveyed the hysteria of the event past in the story to the point of bringing out the 'scent' of fear. Great job—almost had me wondering whether our pets are as harmless as we think. Thank God we have a perfect love that cast out fear (1 John 4:18)!
I like everything about this. You cleverly knitted several important messages together in a true to life scenario that flowed together perfectly. I especially liked how you showed the power of the enemy by using fear against us and then conquering it, stepping out in the authority of Jesus! And then...really liked how you showed it worked with her being ready to get a dog! Amen!
Great writing on a difficult subject. Loved that ending! Thank you.