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I really liked how you used the parts of the eyes to make your point. Well done!
Rods and Cones! I enjoyed learning about them in science class. I found it interesting how you worked them into a poem. Good job!
What a fascinating technique you used here to convey how we perceive all that flows into our lives. Rods and cones of our eyes - I hadn't thought of that since high school, I'm sure! My favorite stanza - the fourth one - beautiful! Won't it be wonderful when one fine day we will no longer see "through a glass darkly"! I just cannot imagine the clarity, the beauty and the magnificance! Thanks for this lovely poem. I read it through twice, just to glean from it more beautiful truth!
Very well done. I really enjoyed your poem and especially the interwoven physiology.
Very moving! If we all could see through the eyes of a child again, how much better the world might be. Your poem hits the nail on the head. Old habits are hard to break. If only we could really see and realize that he created us all one and the same.