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This is truly one of the biggest struggles many Christians have. We want to know where we are going, so we don't have to pay attention so closely. Isn't that the order to follow His leading we have to stay constantly sensitive to His guiding. He no longer appears as a pillar of fire or a cloud or an audible voice to our ears. He speaks softly to our spirit man and is a lamp unto our feet. Thanks for sharing this, great write.
I can so relate to everything you've said. There have been times in my darkest days where I've screamed to the heavens, show me a sign. You helped me feel that I'm not alone and all I need to do is look for that one footstep at a time.
As a visual person myself, I really enjoyed reading this article. I, too, wish that I could see the path ahead of me more clearly. Isn't it wonderful how God challenges us with something new? Thank you!
Loved the hymn stanza, the title (great!), and the message that, I'm sure, all of us can relate to at one time or another.
Really liked the way this wove together so well. Great work!
I am a "sight" person, too... give me a map. :) You have some great thoughts in this!
I am a visual learner and visual teacher. I want to see what lies in front of me as well. This was a good lesson for me to remember...I don't need to have the entire map laid out before me...I just need to know where to take one step at a time. Thanks for sharing a great message.
You expressed my same fears very well. I want to see God's will...and my family's faces, too.
So true. I especially appreciated the following dialogue:

Tell me what you can see.

Nothing. I see nothing, I whine.

Look down, comes His gentle voice.

There, in front of me, a footprint. Just one. One step ahead.

This spoke to me. God's reminder that all he requires is one step at a time. Thanks for this.
Wow, Kate! This was a wonderful piece. I really loved it. All so true, and most meaningful. God bless you as you write for Him! Ruth Brown.