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The title caught my attention. A fun read with a good message.
Wow! I'll be shocked if this one isn't a winner.

A common writing tip is to not begin a piece with dialogue, yet you did it, and it worked brilliantly. I fell into the story immediately.

I loved the prose, the theme, the character and emotion.

It was a very important lesson, told in a very amusing story.

Loved, loved, loved it.
I love the way you think! This is terrific. I laughed out loud at ,"Chug, Chug,Chug." Every mosquito I see from now on will remind me of this darling story. :0)
This was great! I got halfway through the story before I realized this was about mosquitos. But as I continued to read your charming story, I quickly realized this wasn't ONLY about those pesky creatures. Wonderful writing!
I knew fairly early on that they were mosquitoes, but it didn't lessen my pleasure any. I had a great laugh then scratched the many bites on my body. I assume I must be one of the good tasting ones, because I feel like I'm eaten alive while my husband might get 1 or 2 bites all summer. Very original and written with a smile.
This is so funny. I just couldn't figure out what the little guys were and had a good laugh when I discovered they were pesky little mosquitoes!
Great imagination and great message.
Hehehe You had me laughing throughout.

I knew they were mosquitoes pretty quickly, but still enjoyed it.

LOVED the line about them being "girl drinks." :)
This is the most unique story I've read so far, it's a great take on this week's theme. It kept my attention from beginning to end. I agree, it should do well. Story-telling at its best.
Congratulations on your EC! Well deserved.
Congratulations on your story's well-deserved recognition. I knew it would do well. Yay!
Very unique approach, fun story, well told. Congratulations.
Oh man. Gross. LOL. I thought it was birds at first. This really was a great way to address the topic outside the box. Good job and congrats!
LOL! What an ending! Great work! Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award!