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This was very, very good! Just from reading this, I now have greater clarity to the story of the miracle of Jesus turning the water to wine. I love it when I read a Bible story re-told by a modern-day author because the next time I read it in the Bible, I seem to understand it better. You drew me in to the scene of the wedding and the extreme distress of the young waiter. Excellent writing!
This was a nice enhancement to the miracle in the Bible.
You did a great job of showing the roller coaster of emotions that the servant must have experienced - from idyllic dream to nightmare of reality, but then, thanks to Jesus, he awakens to a reality sweeter than his initial dream. You captured the whole movement of the Bible from the garden to banishment to glory, all in 750 words!
Very good idea for a "taste" story! I love how you wrote this from the first person viewpoint of the servant, and showed us all the pertinent information through his actions, thoughts, and emotions. Good job!
I like how you brought this Biblical story to life. Good job.
Perfectly delightful!
I enjoyed your re-working of this Bible story but had to smile at the 'head waiter' bit.
Some say this was Jesus first miracle (maybe public) but it seems Mary knew better.

Right on topic for taste!

One small note... Mary would have had Jesus in her early teens so she would have been in her forties when he did this miracle.

Great job with putting us right there in the moment. Even knowing the outcome I was worried for the poor guy!
Though I knew where it was going, I still enjoyed the journey through your telling of this familiar story. Good job!
I loved your detail in this story and how you set a celebratory mood, and then the contrast with the urgency of the wine being gone. Very nice!
Excellent descriptions in your story brought the scene to life.
Ahh ... the wedding at Cana! An interesting read from a different point of view.
Great job bringing this Bible story to life, Amanda! I love the POV. It would have been amazing to have witnessed Jesus' first miracle.