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You had me holding my breath the whole time I was reading! And how dare you leave us hanging like that?!?! I hope you're working on more and you'll let us know when the 70 000-word version is in print.
Ooooh. Like a modern day Moses story. I loved it. Gripping and very well written. I have a feeling I know who the author is. Hmmmm. Have to wait til hinting time to know for sure. Regardless, a great read.
Well done.
An emotional, on the edge of my seat, read. Lots left to my fertile imagination. Evil pursuers. A mother's sacrificial love for her baby. The affirming provision, by God, of a safe place for the baby. It all works. Thanks, Yeggy
Excellent. My heart raced and fear crept in with shivers!
Masterful writing. Perfection.
Could feel the impending danger as if I was right there. You are a master word weaver!
Ditto to all the other heart is still pounding as I run with her, but most of it is with the baby, willing him to be safe. Please expand and post this somewhere!
I loved the suspense! Why are they being hunted? Tell me please!
Telling you that you're a master at weaving gripping sensory imagery is really stating the obvious, isn't it! Wonderful!
This must be continued. I don't think I even breathed through this whole thing (although, I must have because I'm still alive). WONDERFUL job! Thanks for sharing!
I absolutely love the intensity in your writing. One question: why didn't she get in the boat too? Anyway, another piece of excellence. Your work inspires me.
Excellent writing. But like the others, I too wish to know who the hunters were and what happened to her husband.
Hee hee, I "hunted" you down by finding the one article you didn't comment on! This was great as usual. You always keep me reading.
Brilliant, as always.
Awesome Maxx..I thought this was so neat.
God bless ya,
Congratulations again Maxx, now PLEASE tell me the rest of the story! ;) Karen
Yes - PLEASE tell us what happens - you can't leave us hanging - can you?

Congratulations, anyhow. Even if I won't sleep tonight :-)
Maxx, I was judging for the Bon Voyage Challenge, and thought this was an outstanding entry. We did have some "Moses" stories in the pack, which I thought was pretty clever thinking anyway. But your modern twist was a heart pounding thriller. Suspenseful, excellent - the only thing was that it left me wanting questions answered. Things like, who is chasing them? How did they end up like this? What happened next? Even so, those mysteries didn't detract at all from the story. Very exciting read. With love, Deb
Impressive. Once again, your descriptions were dead on. I felt like I was watching CSI. I could see the woman clearly, the baby. The moonlight streaming through the forrest trees. You paint your words very well. I loved the message of hope as well. Although, I did feel that the goodbye from the mother to her child was a little les intense than the rest of the story. Could just be me. I really liked your modern day adaption of Moses. Very clever and impeccable writing (as always)