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An interesting take on a well known story. Good job with the writing.
Aside from a few grammatical errors, this was a nice take on the Biblical story. I am just curious why you did not use that story to parallel a modern personal experience. Most of us already know this one.
Well written. Intersting perspective. God bless you as you write for him. Ruth
Interesting perspective on this biblical scene. You might want to get someone to read your articles thru before submitting, quite a few errors.
Peter denying Christ is one of my favorite Bible events in history. I wonder. How many times do we or have we denied him in the world. When we have not stood up for Him.

Yes a few grammer errors. But I think we all do that as writers if we have done much of it.

Sometimes though a hurried piece can have a lot of impact even though grammer errors are made.

Look. loved it. May God bless you.

Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level.