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Ha ha! I LOVE this! You have so many fun images and lines. GREAT work on the poetry! You have serious poetry skills!
Clever and so cute. Poor kitty. Great title too. Blessings,Ruth
I believe I remember this well from prayer requests? And those of us (me included) who worried for the kitty.
Love that you took the trial and made something as great as this poem.
Very good writing.

Freedom Writer, what a great job putting together this slice of real life with your runaway cat.

This was quirky and fun. I loved the line about disregarding the flashlight brand, and I laughed out loud to your, Yea, right. Well done!
Cute, clever, witty, fun, well done. Enjoyed the flow of the poem as well.
This was so fun to read. Great job.
SOOOO cute! Very out-of-the-catbox poem! HeHe! (Maybe that doesn't sound quite right.)
Very clever rhyming! I hope Miss Gray listens to her wise owners and stays inside next time. :)
Fun to read all the way through--though there were a few moments of real tension there (I love cats!). So glad she's safe. I was always told, too, that spaying/neutering kept cats close to home... but, alas, it never worked for my indoor/outdoor kitties. Enjoyed this a lot--well done.
Not a poem person, but I read this all the way through! Very fun and entertaining... and easy to read!
Witty,cute and very amusing. You have a unique style here! Thanks. Enjoyed! Colin
Fun reading of a stray! (",)
Hey congrats, Rikki on your well-deserved "highly commended!"
Obviously your readers like your writing, judging by all the comments! You are certainly a poet! You know how to tell a story in perfect rhyme and rhythm. I love poetry, and this is simply terrific. Congratulations, too!