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Wow! This is so deep and haunting. It takes excellent writing to pull this off and you did. Totally out-of-the-box on the topic and yet, very on topic.
Love this very much. It makes me think.

A very original take on the topic! In her place, I think I would have gone to see an entirely different sort of movie... but that's just me. You portrayed her journey of realization very well. Good job!
A heartbreaking chronicle of depression...very moving. I stumbled a little at the line, "They didn't say that-you imagined it." At first I read that as all one line. I also had to re-read the portion that was going back and forth between the MC and the character in the movie. Since they were both 3rd person "she"s, it stilted the flow a little. Easy fixes. I really liked the end message of this, and the last line was a great "gulp" moment. Good job!
Deeply moving, it packs a powerful emotional wallop. Strong story-telling.
P.S. I forgot to add this...I like the line "I've gone missing in the opinions of others." It expresses precisely what her crisis was.
Touching the inner most core of our emotions takes talent of which you most definitely have and did. I believe every reader can identify with something in this. I could envision this as part of a movie
I loved your symbolism with the soda cup and the popcorn rub being dropped in the trash. You story is haunting.
Intriguing piece Kathryn. That "inner critic" we all have speaking inside our head against the backdrop of the movie playing. It worked well. Unique take on the topic.
Being ourselves and dispelling what others think of us are not as easy as we hope. Thank God we have Him to guide us to be the person He wants us to be.

You've conveyed the state of the MC's mind very well and brought to your readers the self doubt and the mood. Nice ending to your story to leave the soda cup, popcorn tub clunk and the depressive state of mind to their final resting place—in the trashcan.