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Whoa! I love the uniqueness of this piece. You have written a powerful truth here. One that needs to be heeded. Just this week I was offended by some words I heard. What the person said and what they meant were two completely different things and we were able to sort it all out. Thanks for sharing.
Very creatively written. We do bring a lot of baggage into our relationships that have some unintended effects.
I said, "Wow is this creatively written!"
I meant, "Gee, I wish I had thought of this first."
You heard, "Bravo", I hope.

Good job!
This made me think - which is a mark of good writing. Thank you for this!
This makes me very sad. Wow this is a strong piece that I'm sure everyone can relate to one way or another. My husband and I have very similar exchanges. Thankfully we are slowly learning to ask , 'What did you say?" if we didn't quite get it or it didn't feel right.