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This was fun to read. I imagined folks from my church responding to Don's questions about hearing God. (Starting with Don...that's my pastor's name.) For each personality and how they heard God's voice, I was able to see someone I know. Great story!
This was a great way to demonstrate that God speaks to us all a little differently.

You made me stop and think that how we hear God is similar to how a student learns in school.

How wonderful that our God loves us enough to make sure we can hear Him when He speaks to us, if we are willing to listen.
Very interesting take on the topic. Presented in a fresh way offering much to ponder.

That was simply lovely! :) You did a wonderful job of showing many of the ways that God speaks to us -- could be through a sermon, a vision, a song, a book, another person, or even (and especially) His Word. His Spirit speaks to us in so many ways! It's just our job to be listening.
The hearing aid quip at the end was cute too. ;)
Sometimes meetings can be interesting and productive, as you have clearly shown.
A very apt portrayal of how God speaks to each one of us. It's wonderful that God knows each of us so well that He understands what moves us. Good job!
I liked all the different responses--as different as each individual. I felt like I was right there at that meeting, patting my foot to agree with the answers.
I loved the line where Clive was told to give some brief theological input...half my church is seminary students, and they get looongwinded at our small groups. Lol. A little red ink: in the first paragraph, you did a great job showing that he could care less by jamming his hands in his need to tell us that right after. Also, there were several missing commas, particularly around proper names near the end. Easy fixes to polish a great story. Loved the message you conveyed of the many, MANY ways that God speaks to us!
You had me snorting out loud by the third paragraph!!! I love this piece because of all of the layers of meaning and the element of poking fun. So much wisdom in this. I would love to see this expanded as a teaching topic for a small group on Ways God Speaks To us. Then I 'd download a copy for our ladies bible study group.
Fun and so easily translated in to a skit!
I see in theater mode more often than not!
Very good delving. Very good writing on the many ways God speaks to Christians. God Bless and keep writing.
This story essentially summarizes some of the many different ways we can hear from God—audio, visual and in spirit. For me, I hear from the heart and the word, I see from the way God sees me through the different stages in my life, His guiding hands and His molding. O what a great God we have! We certainly don't need hearing aids to 'hear' God speaking. Thanks for sharing this.