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This is a great lesson for all of us who write for "the challenge" (and for any other writing assignment). It doesn't matter how popular we are or whether we win an award, we need to write what is in our hearts and what God is is calling us to write. Great message! God bless you.
We can all learn a good lesson from the innocence of a child - too bad so many lose that child-like faith in their teens :]
Good writing, terrific message!
This carries a tune...or is it an undertone?
I feel it...
and I LOVE when that happens!
Lovely piece with a great message. Enjoyed!

Thanks - Colin
What a marvelous message is in your story. Your mc is a winner!
I believe this story puts into practice the message it conveys: well written and prayerfully submitted.
Good reminder about WHY we write. It's a definite challenge to keep that perspective. I enjoyed this very much . . . thank you.
A great reminder of why we should write - and I love that they both got the same message.
Great story! I love that the teen girl took to heart what she read, prayed, and acted on it.
A great story that teaches a great lesson. Thank you that the MC is a good example of following through on what she read, and prayed and wrote. I really loved reading this. Keep writing. God bless.
Awww, I'm really liking Wrigley. She reminds me of someone...

Precious message told in a precious voice!
Wrigley is learning this lesson way earlier than the rest of us! I loved the underlying, personal and heart-felt message here. It's so lovely to have you back, with your quiet, gentle wisdom!
As has been said, there's a great lesson here and I'm delighted to see how many gold boxes you have already accrued.
I stumbled in your story when I got to the diary section. I appreciate that it serves as a device to express your MCs inner feeling, but I felt somewhat that the argument was being force fed to me. I suspect it would have flowed better (although at the expense of word count) had you shortened the diary and expressed the thoughts through dialogue. I know you won't mind my expressing an opinion in this way, especially as you've already had so many positive comments. It's good. But we all want to do better!
I'm glad Wrigley is learning these lessons early! I was a little unsure why she was so unhappy (when she did, after all, receive 100%). Did the other girl receive 100 as well, or only one of the higher scores? But I enjoyed the story... and the lesson is one we all need to remember. Good job!
My sentiments exactly! We certainly ought to write what God would have us write, especially when we are writing for God or writing devotionals. Thank you for sharing this message through the eyes of a kid in your story.
I had a little trouble figuring out why mc was mad too, but the message was timeless, keep writing!