The Official Writing Challenge
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Excellent. I enjoyed this piece and could relate to much of it.
Love the way you wrote this! It's a very refreshing and light-hearted read for a journey so tough in the light of a pilgrimage. Keeping ourselves going is certainly not easy and I can identify with the MC in your story. There's a lot to look forward to, however, when the day shall come for us to stand before our Lord. Excellent work!
I totally relate with Writer in the beginning.
Also, with the procrastination!
The rejection part...well...I'm betting that is to come!
I love stories I can relate to!
Absolutely loved this - brilliant writing! Thanks.
I enjoyed this very much. Very creative and inspirational. Thank you.
Outstanding. I could so relate in the beginning. I haven't traveled as far down Writer's Road as your MC, but you've given me hope and encouragement.
This was very creative and inspirational. Great reminder from Proverbs, I needed that! Thanks for a really good read :-)
Congratulations on your win. I can certainly relate, especially Galatians 6:9. There are times when I doubt my ability to write anything of value; I suppose we all go through this. Excellent story.