The Official Writing Challenge
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Amen! This is indeed a challenge many of us face. Nicely stated.
Good point that God always knows what we have written and how it has affected people's lives. We will discover the answers to such questions in eternity. (And this article makes me think about checking out ghostwriting more closely).
This is a wonderful devotion. You did a good job of tying the verses in.

Small editing note you said for my family and I; it should be for my family and me (a good way to tell is leave out the first part, you wouldn't say for I)

You also did a good job in keeping on topic and reminding me to remember the real reason why I write.
I love this comparison of ghostwriting to "doing our good deeds in secret". You made me stop and think this afternoon. Thank you!
What a great analogy for us as writers. Very well-written.
Excellent reminder of the challenge to keep one's perspective. Well done.
Good devotinal. Your words really made me think. Sometimes we love what we do for Him so much, it's a secret to us that we're actually serving.
This was great - so well written, great intro, terrific analogies & comparisons to illustrate a Biblical truth, super conclusion with the prayer at the end. Well done! I continue to enjoy your work.
Thank you very much for this devotional. I didn't know very much about ghostwriting.It's always good to be reminded that God keeps track of what we do and why we do it. That we need to keep our focus on heaven and where our reward is in the long run. Thank you for a very informational and timely devotional.
God bless you and your family.
You have excellent analogies in your devotional--your points clearly expressed.
This is pregnant with good Christian advice, prompts and obviously from some of the comments, an encouragemnt. I do believe that is what you want your writing to do - to bless others. Thanks - Colin.
Thanks for another beautiful, masterfully written devotional!
You nicely put into perspective the small things we think insignificant that matter to God. Great analogy with the ghostwriting.
A very creative take on this topic. Well done!