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How amusing! I was attracted by the title and you kept my interest through the whole story. Really cute and imaginative.
Clever and funny. Good work.
Snicker, snicker:) Clever.
Ladonga oooth!, well done, for sure. Very enjoyable.
I love the story, wonder if boring was in their vocabulary during cavemen era. I could see it all in my minds eye as the story unfolded..Keep writing!
That was funny. An interesting thought came to me as I read it. Why would anyone think man's concerns were any different a few thousand years ago? You captured that even then, we suffer the same anguish and pitfalls we are all prone to today.
What a fun story to read. A very creative take on the first library. Keep writing.
This is great! Super work on this ultra-creative story... congrats on your EC award!
Congratulations, Gerald!
This would make a GREAT children's book - it has so many "moral moments" - being ostracized, unrecognized hero, etc. A child could EVEN learn a library is a treasure house (not their ifony) Do it!!!! How incredibly creative. Congrats and well deserved!
Vividly entertaining! Congratulations!
I'd grunt a comment to you, but obviously I don't grunt the same language as you because I never would have thought of this angle on the topic. :) Congrats on another fine piece of work to add to the FW library to be cherished.

I'd come bearing brownies in exchange for the read, but I'm fresh out. ;)
Incredibly entertaining! :) Congratulations, Gerald.
What a fun and clever take on the topic! Congratulations!
I love this! - the humour, the imagination and the 'un-put-down-able' aspect of this story, (forgive that ridiculous word!) Congratulations on your win - very well deserved.
Congratulations on your 2nd place award. Your talent has not dimmed.