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A cute idea in this piece and a good message at the end.
Love the different take in the beginning--conversations back and forth among the books were fun! Your MC is a wise young mom--good read!
I like how you had the books squabble. i thought of doing something similar but didn't think I could pull it off. You did a good job with it. I especially liked the ending. How true that is.
Creative story--good job with the book personifications. I liked the variety.
In answer to your post, I really liked the story. Perhaps a little tweaking of the book titles would have helped it get started. I found Before-Intervention Teen a little awkward. Maybe The Self-Willed Teen would have been a more recognizable book title and helped the reader get into the story more easily from the start. It would have been fun to hear the books argue some more after Alice passed them over, but 750 words makes it so hard to do that. Overall, a solid entry that I enjoyed.
LOVE this story and message contained in it. How often do we stock up on books that teach us what we could learn from the Bible, or worse, what we don't need to be buying into? Excellent angle and well-crafted.
I loved the idea of books arguing in a bookstore. And the ending with the Bible being the only book necessary was right on target. Thank you for a great read.
A lovable story packed with truth! Self-help? Who needs it! The Bible has everything we need. :) Great message, and congrats on getting first place!
Ahh yes, the Bible--the ultimate self-help book. All others fall short in comparison.

Very creative and fun to read. I loved it. Congratulations on your win!
Nice! Congrats on your EC. :)
Very creative take on the topic! Love the touches of humor that help drive home your message so well. I agree... steer clear of that "self-help" section! Good job--Congratulations!
Fantastic story and excellent take on the topic! Well deserved placing, love the message!