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Ah, sweet romance with God in the center of it. This is a nice change of pace and very well written. Superb descriptions throughout.
I love the tender beauty of this--the devotion of Matt and Victoria to God and to each other. Well done!
Yes, that describes this piece very well: "tender beauty."
Lovely story; well-written. Good characters and realistic dialogue from a lovely couple. Thanks for reminding me that there is still romance--and dedication--left in our crazy world.
Awww, that was just sweet through and through!

I LOVED your creative opening! You're doing good, girl!
Good story! I often let competitiveness drive my own work, only to dry up before I'm through. I'm always so glad that Jesus cares enough to help me with my writing. Thanks for a wonderful message.
Amanda- I didn't find the dialogue choppy. And you used beats/tags well, too. Nice job.
Lovely. (Not choppy at all.)
Strong lesson for all of us who challenge ourselves in writing contests. I love the story you used to get your point across.
Natural dialogue.

The pacing of the dialogue was great throughout this piece - and I loved the story. Well done!
I felt as if I was in the room with them. Their dialogue was natural and real. Great message. Very nice.
Wow, not only is this a great story, but I really love the message in it. That's great.
The first paragraph was the clincher. It pulled me in and the rest of your story didn't disappoint. You have a way of taking your time to tell your story, it's never rushed yet has a satisfying conclusion. The message is powerful and a good reminder that God should be the center of all we do, including our writing.