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Great intrigue along with painting the stench of prison life very well.
Wow, you captured despair - made it have a life of its own. Well done.
Your title is so very appropriate to the story, and where a lot of good inspiration comes from. Great story.
The title is so appropriate and this prison capsule is captured and reigned in to the theme. Great job.
Wow! I am speechless.
The title certainly works--anything can serve as inspiration, even a shocking event like this one. You captured the grimness of Blackie's situation very well. Good job!
Great job setting up the scene by using strong nouns and verbs! And great characterization with the word limit. Strong writing here in this piece. Such a unique take on the topic, also.
Your title was perfect for this gripping story. I could feel the MC's dispair and frustration. And the shocking event that released his inspiration, oh my! Great story-telling.
We take our material from any source, so why not? Very active and interesting. Enjoyed it.

Kim, such griping words! Easy to get drawn into this story. Thank you.
Intense and completely enthralling. Well done!
Yes, how unfortunate that it took his cell-mate's misfortune to incite his creativity. Poor Juno . . .

Good job with the background of how he ended up in prison . . . and with a nickname like "Blackie." ;) I was almost surprised that they let him have a typewriter in prison, but maybe that's acceptable.

Hoping that Blackie and his cell-mates find hope in their hopeless situation. It almost makes me want to pray for them, but that wouldn't do much good, since they're fictional. ;)

But . . . I want to know what's in the letter! Great read.
A writer in prison drawing 'inspiration' from another's misery! Very sad story, yet it conveys the message very well of how as writers we sometimes need to add circumstantial reality to make a good plot and story. That's quite a different way to clearing a writer's block. Great work!