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Oh, I really like this take on the topic. Perfect use of both inspiration and writer's block! And the dam picture is perfect!!!
Enjoyed your charming, organizational, and determined optimism!
This is such a picture of how I envision God in the beginning, creating the world - bringing order from chaos, gathering, separating, etc. Great pictures and description!
I can relate to this very well--bringing order out of chaos, ensuring each word is in its proper place. Good job!
Very creative way to explain the writer's process ... from confusion to conclusion.
I don't know if I've ever seen an entry here where the writer used the term, 'The End'. May have happened, I don't know. But, it wraps your thought process up so well.
Very interesting and deep.

I liked the flow of this piece. What you had to say about that inspirational process is dead on. Well done.
Nicely written! I particularly like the part about breaking up the untidy heap of thoughts and words until the dam is breached. Only then can inspiration flow and our minds be set free to once again think freely and creatively.