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Oh LOL-- your paragraph about "blank screens," -- "panoramic view of a blizzard: a close-up of a surrender flag" [perfect for next week's topic too, I think... :) ]. I love your title. :)
Great humor combined with truth in this article. I love the way you wrapped it up. This is one of my favorite lines: "But dollar signs in our eyes can blind us to the decades that overnight success can consume before it arrives."
We Christian writers do what we do, not for money or fame or success, but to draw our readers closer to Christ! Great job.
There's so very much "meat" for a writer to contemplate here. I particularly loved "we hear Gods call and accept his trust to release his light; so any of our readers may take clearer steps in their journey..." What a beautiful thought!
Oh, this was SO good! I agree: so much meat here.
I love your use of words--although at times it almost seems that those words are so alive, they're just using you! And your article is spiritually encouraging and uplifting as well, which makes it a doubly delightful treat.
You're so right, we writers live in two worlds! This was cleverly written while humorously revealing many truths.

Classic and epic. I loved this. So true, I can identify with this so much.

Thank you for your ability to put into words just what a WRITER is feeling.

God Bless~