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I hesitated to comment because I really don't understand the ending, maybe just the essence of it. But I do know you write well, and I don't think you'll be in advanced for long. Keep writing.
Loved the dialogue and the way you set up the scene - both were excellent! If this is written from personal experience, you are one terrific granddaughter (bless you for that!) Good choice of colors for the gummy bears - the lemons and limes are always rejected. ;) Okay, here's the hard part. I really did not get where you ended up with this story. Beginning with, "I have a hundred things to do...", I felt lost after that, like your story suddenly switched to a jumble of emotions about something in which you feel you "messed up". The ending and the rest of the story felt disconnected. I DO like how you used the lemon and lime gummies to express how you felt - that was a nice technique. You're a good writer, though, and I do hope you stick with this and zero in on what exactly you were hoping to communicate here. Bless you, fellow writing friend!
I loved that your MC was encouraged to write during her visits… and yet you left it to the reader to imagine what exactly she did write. I also loved the lemon/lime used throughout your story. Your compassionate MC's heart shines through this.
The ending could be polished up with a little brainstorming, because the premise is wonderful and you developed the characters in a realistic and endearing way. (Red ink: tense inconsistency and some grammar errors.)
Really endearing tale here, with lots of creativity with the gummies' colors and all. I must agree about the ending...I'm sort of lost. There must be an underlying point of turmoil in your MC, but I'm missing it. Great writing; you use words well.
Because this is so good until...I hope you will post here to explain your ending. I want to get it.
Loved the characters. Did I say how much I loved the characters? So believable. And interesting. Just need to understand the turmoil you leave us with.

Nothing wrong with the ending, Sara, I think it's perfect. This was another of your moving, well-written entries. xx
Hmmm, 24th overall and 11th in Level Three. Not bad for someone who didn't like the ending of their story. No, not bad at all :-)
I think I understand the ending. But the line, "I have a hundred things to do..." kind of confused and threw me also. The rest of it I felt like I understood -- felt like the MC was using the writing as a cushion to help cope with the reality of seeing her grandmother in hard circumstances, and with other hard realities of life.