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The title is so apt. New ideas sneak up and ambush, or abduct. There is no rest for the writer as ideas rise up from no-where and everywhere. Enjoyed this.
Hate to be cliche here, but I am speechless. This is absolutely ingenious in every way. Sooooo well done! If this doesn't place WAY up there, then "somebody" is a few french fries short of a happy meal. ;) Congratulations - ahead of time!
Oh, and the title is perfect!
I agree . . . this will most likely be a high-ranking piece! I can definitely relate to thinking how something will sound in writing as it's happening. A great description of "the writer's life." (Bye-bye to that garden! ;) )
Excellent story. Excellent title. Definitely a favorite this week.
You abducted me with this. I was so totally focused while reading. you may need to hire a gardener. :)
There are no weeds in this story. Just a sweet fragrance of good writing. Well done.
Lovely - I particularly liked your wonderful descriptions.
Can you send Cade my way, I need him to talk to a few of my, uh, friends. Get them to come and see me, take me for a ride, talk to me, draw pictures, anything, just communicate! Loved this.
It's a very clever title of a really great story. The reader really doesn't know is going to happen next until it happens. Thank for the "Novel Abduction."
Soooo creative. I felt supremely entertained while led blindly and blithely down your garden path. Beautifully crafted, great ambiance, you have a simply wonderful way with a story!
Wow. There have been SO many good submissions this week, but this is one of the best! Perfect picture!
Awesome story with a perfect title. I hope it places high.
Great story... you create wonderful phrases and vivid characterization. (Red ink: punctuation errors, particularly in dialogue.)
Good grief, I thought you were being abducted. Geez. This was really good. And it does feel that way sometimes doesn't it? Just like we're being kidnapped. Great job.
My pick for the Blue Ribbon!!! Just wonderful. Your descriptions are splendid. EC for sure.

Congratulations! This piece deserved it. ;)
Congrats on your win! Well done..!!
This made me go back and read your previous work.'re good!!
Knew this was a winner!!

How thrilling to read such a masterfully written piece! Can't wait to share this with my husband.
Wow, I loved this, and though I loved all of it, one phrase struck me: 'an old barn stood solely on faith.' Simply fabulous!
I hate that I can't get to read every entry before the winners are announced. I'm so glad yours won because I would definitely hate to have missed reading it. You had me going all the way to the end - I'll echo the word - brilliant! Well deserved 1st place and EC!
Loved your piece! Wonderful word pictures and ideas...congrats on your EC!