The Official Writing Challenge
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Clap! Clap! Clap! That is the sound of this reader applauding! Very clever, I enjoyed the meter.
Eat your heart out, Mr. Poe--you've been bested. This is delightful!
This is LOL funny. Love the "I forgot to take my meds." This is such a difficult rhyme scheme to master and you excelled! LOVE this!
This is excellent. So creative and funny.
This is so spot on...makes me think a little chewy pizza and old pimento spread might just be the secret formula. :0) Very cute~
So many great lines - great flow. Brilliant in my book. Really loved it.
I love the frantic feel of the meter of this, racing toward a deadline - terrific!
I love it.
BusBoss, the frantic pace of this suits the "hamster in the cage". Funny, engaging. Interesting meter and rhyme.
I think you've just given me stomachache...
Thanks for having some fun and sharing it with us
As soon as I started reading, I thought I've read this before LOL then realised why I thought that. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
You ate all that in one night? Very nice. Enjoyed it!
Completely entertaining! I like humorous and this did it for me with quite a few lol moments.
I can completely relate to stuffing my face while writing, and the line about forgetting your meds made my literally laugh out loud...super fun!
AWESOME! Absolutely great creativity and humor.
This was very entertaining. I loved how you were inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.
Keep writing.
Oh, the fun (lol, groan). You do a good job of describing the torture of being a writer. (And I can imagine...the next morning's torture from eating all that junk food).
You devoured the topic with this delightful piece. Love it truly! So creative and yet so revealing of the writer?

"Writing constipation? Never heard it put that way before! LOL

(I thought I was the only one who snacked while writing. I've traded snacking off for household chores, though. Vacuum, write something, fold a load, ruminate, write, dust, write, water plants. Much easier on the waistline.)
I simply must join your long line of fans. What a GREAT entry!! Laughed, held my stomach, re-read, laughed some more. You covered the topic brilliantly, and made it incredibly fun. I'm in awe, and not a little envious of that talent.
Suddenly some motivation for my writing constipation.
A FW friend used this term just yesterday. Cracked me up when I saw it.

I stumbled in a couple places. Probably not your fault, but I lost the pace a time or two. Could have been something shiny that distracted me. After reading entries this week, I wonder fist: how many of us are ADD/ADHD? And how many of us "take meds" (for who knows what) and forget?
Absolutely brilliant. What a fantastic meter. Surely this is a winner.