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I loved the image of your Mom receiving the "book." This made me smile, "hawk my writing alongside organic tomatoes." I think there are very few in the fine arts category of writers, artists, and musicians who are well-paid for their time spent on their craft. (and being raised in Iowa.. I'll throw farmers in that lot) :) I enjoyed this!
Thanks for this realistic straight-from-the-horse's-mouth perspective about writing, publishing and marketing. I like your relaxed, "just sittin' down to talk" style, plus I learned some things! So glad your mom encouraged you to write.
You did a great job of "showing" the writer's life. Somehow I can see you in that truck just waiting for a good character to walk by so you can "sketch" him.
I was touched reading your Mom's reaction to your "chapbook." So this is what a "real" writer's life is like. It sounds like you've really enjoyed it. Even with the piles of organic tomatoes.
You are blessed indeed to have had such an encouraging mother. Unless we're a best selling author with a big name publisher behind us, we'll never going to get rich as writers. But you, dear Dub, see the roses instead of the cow manure. Oh, you know the manure is there, but you know the roses smell good :-)


P/S I have to agree about Alton Gansky, he definitely knows a thing or three about writing a gripping novel.
Love your nonchalant demeanor in sharing so much knowledge, giving this newbie some real insight. I feel privileged and blessed to have a down home glimpse of your writers walk and appreciate the humbleness in how your shared it.