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This is good, makes a great point, and I believe its "narrow" truth.
I really enjoyed this. More than once I have wanted to give that same point to someone claiming tolerance but not really exhibiting any. I also really appreciate how the author's letter is very kind, while still being to the point and unapologetically Christian.
I'll take narrow-mindedness every day compared to an everything-goes mentality. You presented a lot of good truths in this article, and did it in an interesting way as well.

I did wish a little bit that I could have seen more into the character's lives, who they were, and what was going on around them as they were writing, but you certainly made your point in spite of that. I think you did a great job writing this article, and fitting it to the topic as well.
Bravo, on all counts! Love your creative "Open-Minded Letter" concept, and then the wisdom found in your reply. Love this!
Good points and clearly written.