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Clever title! Beatitudes for writers - so original, and also very encouraging!
Nicely done and very encouraging. Good job.
Clever idea--I don't believe there's another entry with anything remotely like this concept.

I found a few of the paragraphs too similar to each other in content.

This is definitely something that all writers should heed, and it was one that really spoke to me.
This is so right on! Extremely creative and even more encouraging. Amen :)
My first reponse? Sure wish I had thought of this! Loved it~
All for His glory. Amen and Amen. Lots of good lessons in this entry. Thank you.
Oh well done! Not only original and creative, but a good lesson for a Christian writer. After all, we are playing for an audience of ONE!
I love your creativity with this entry (and your title). The recurring "Blessed" and "Rejoice" is excellent. Super work!
I've been blessed by reading this! Splendid entry.

I love this! Very nice the way you crafted this and it is so encouraging on SO many levels.
This is an excellent take on the topic - fun, thought-provoking and a great read.
Nicely done! A creative spin on the topic. I'm not sure why all the italics, but that's not a big deal.

I agree with Jan about the similar paragraphs- it seems like you were trying to rework the whole beatitudes for this, but maybe a summation of the similar ones would have worked, too.

Overall, I really enjoyed this, and how encouraging!

(although, I take small personal issue with if you ever get praise from a non-Christian than you didn't write it from God-- because frankly, I hope my writing reaches more than just Christians-- but that's my hang up- I think you were trying to go for more the beatitudes language there.)

Very well done. Much applause here.
Creative and pertinent. I found this spoke directly to me. Thanks for writing it.
Clever approach. The last one was my favorite.
I needed this. Writing can be discouraging and oh so rewarding. I struggle to make sure that I keep my heart in check. I want to write for the right reasons and not let selfish ambition take over. I think this piece was well-crafted and deserving of all the positive comments written.