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I like the progression in this piece. The ending gives us a lot to ponder and calls for action.
Good job.

WOW! Heavy stuff. Scary too. I like the way you did the main points and provided examples.
Some great points of view here. How we so need to read that book.
You threw me at first by your allusion to Shakespeare and I had to go back and re-read it once I realised you were talking about the Scriptures.
VERY unique and insightful. This very issue has been sirring within me and now I KNOW to get busy! :)
Ooh, good stuff! I would love to see another story or a novel come from the library setting. Any chance you'll be opening a thread on the forums after the judging is over? This sounds like it would be a great conversation piece.
I also took a while to realise that you were coming through with the bible - but then I'm a very slow reader.
A good strong conclusion nonetheless.
Very unique approach to the topic...a sermon without preaching. Excellent job.