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Heehee! I like Paul and Frannie! What a fun duo--he's definitely lucky he can talk her around and she seems to be a great reviewer!

loved the little jabs of humor in here, it really helped to bring their working relationship into a very nice detail of this piece. Fun read!
Can I be honest, or should I be polite? It's difficult to tell a fellow writer the truth, as you see it, right? But Mother always told me - "if you can't say somethng nice, don't say anything at all."
Well, it WAS well written, It WAS on topic, It WAS creative,'s one of those that when I got only half=way through, I'm sorry, but I skipped to the end. it's just my short attention span... you know, like Ho-hum; but others will love it. I guarantee! (^.^)!
Loved the sparring dialogue - very believable. Great job with "showing" their relationship within the confines of the word limit. Terrific use of dialogue to present all the elements of good writing. I was just confused about why Francesca thought the manuscript was rubbish in the first place, when she clearly understood it to be brilliant writing. ???
I really liked your use of dialogue. It was balanced with tags and beats (which I'm learning about) and flowed nicely.

I was confused why she didn't care for it--figured it was because she wrote it! So the outcome was a surprise.

Nice writing.
I really liked the snappy dialogue--was really drawn in by this light-hearted read.

I was waiting for more of a kicker at the ending; that was the only thing that slightly disappointed me.

This is a delightful duo of characters, and I'd definitely read more about them.
So enjoyed this unique story through the eyes and hearts of the reviewer's. I wouldn't be able to set this down if it were a novel!
Lively, realistic dialogue and characters and on topic. A little red ink: missing commas and capitalizing. Well done, all the same.
Ah, you did a great job your own self! Great characters, dialogue...good job!
I thought this could be the beginning of a great love story? I enjoyed the interaction. Good job!
I think there was more than reviewing going on between this pair - hence the differing opinions. Interesting story and well told.
Is she that fickle? I couldn't figure out what her problem is. Does make me think about the power one has when reviewing another's work.

I liked the different takes on the story. I admit I was expecting more of a revelation at the end - I had it pegged to have been written by Fran. Great character development in here!
I also enjoyed this story but was ever so slightly disappointed at the end- I really thought it was going to be Paul's. But maybe you did it so we couldn't predict it :)

Good job!
I also was confused as to why Francesca didn't like the story. I liked the dialogue but the confusion distracted me. I kept reading to have it sorted out and was disappointed when I was still confused.
I liked your dialogue and the way you seamlessly presented what editors are looking for in a critique. Exellent.
I agree with Colin. I think her outburst in the beginning was really about her conflict with feelings for him, instead of actually about the MS. I enjoyed it. I also agree that this could be the beginning of a great love story. I liked the dialogue, good job!
It seems that there are a wide variety of opinions on this piece. Personally, I really enjoyed it. I didn't worry about why Francesca didn't like the piece because it seemed that the story was more about the sparks between the two characters. My "newbie-ness" (I know, it's not a real word, but you get my point) really came at me with this one. I was clueless with some of the writing-lingo, but that is no reflection on the author, rather it's a reflection on the reader. For instance, I'm not sure what tags and beats are in relation to dialogue. I do know what MC and POV are, but not sure what MS is. Boy, I really need to go to a writing conference! Sorry about my rabbit trail there. Overall your piece was engaging and fun to read.
I read this delightful entry, but I didn't comment being the third commenter if I did (shy, tee-hee). I truly enjoyed it the first time. Read it right through the end. I learned so much (tips of good writing) from Paul and Francesca's exchange of thoughts about a brilliant manuscript. Well done in writing this. God bless you richly.