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Love this entry! So much fun. I enjoyed the progression from Dear Miss Andrews, Dear Pandie, Wow Pandie to Pandie.
I could see where the frustration set in in the Pandie paragraphs and the teacher used your instead of you're and also( ; and ) only one needed. Very subtle.
Great entry.

Vary funny. I, too, loved the progression, or maybe it's regression, of events.

Good job!
This was great! I laughted out loud from the start!
Priceless! I loved it.
Now THIS is funny. Great humor and very creative.
Ha Ha. Loved this. I could totally feel the frustration in this piece. Unfortuantely, I've been on both sides. Great piece, very fun read.
This was hysterical...and a little painful. Who(m) amongst us has not endeavered too enthusiastically....whew, now I'm exhausted.
Great job!
A great ending and all too familiar.
One suggestion: you could have used a centred ... (or other mark)rather than line breaks to demarcate your different items. But it's good stuff all the same.
Hilarious, and definitely one of my favorites so far! I've actually read students' papers like this!
Thoroughly enjoyable! I suspect you have a winner here.
Any FW judge can tell you there have been more than a few Challenge entries from "Pandie" over the years. One person (long since gone from here) consistently wrote such awful messes that one of our own tried to help by re-writing the submission and sending it to the offender as an example of why there were so many terrible comments (made sense). Guess what? The very next week, "Pandie" posted the same incredibly horrible stuff.

This is a delicious entry and ROFL hilarious!
Love it.... what else is there to say. Spot-on topic and creative.
The more I read, the more I laughed. It must have taken you ages to write this, Tim. Yes, as Linda said, judges at FW have read this wort of thing many times.
Wonderful entry!
A sad case of 'pandie'monium let loose in the academy. Good fun to read, and probably fun to write, so long as you ensured your spelling was accurate.
Your title was right-on for this right-on the money story. Lots of fun to read and I'm sure to write.
What a riot! Super creative work! "I must gratitude you for this!"
Awww! Poor Nanette! The poor dear...ROFL! This was so hilarious! I was giggling from the start and laughing at the end. Wonderful thread of humor, Pandie's character was very well done-especially after the thesaurus introduction!
ha ha ha! love it- especially the ending. the only red ink I have is to say in the one paragraph (I think it's the 2nd one) where Pandie is writing back in very big words-- I had to stop reading and skip over it- I couldn't muddle through it- and, even in a short story- you don't want the reader skipping to get to the good stuff.

nicely done- great sense of humor and great play on the topic.
Laughed all the way through. Great job.
Absolutely brilliant! I laughed right out loud. You deserve to place with this one!!!
I've edited a few papers like this in my time... too funny and spot-on topic! Wonderful!
Very entertaining! Congratulations on your 1st place!
Tim, what an entertaining entry, so deserving of 1st place! Congratulations.
Tim! I'm so excited for you! Super congrats on top honors!
Wow! You hit it right out of the park! Congratulations on a very creative entry and well deserved 1st place and EC top honors!
WOOT!!! Super happy this one did well--ROFL! Great job, congrats! ^_^
Congratulations, Tim. So happy for you! Great story!
Very entertaining! No wonder Nannette had to take a leave. But this humorous account isn't too far fetched. I have seen writings like this. Makes one wonder...Congratulations on your win...Well deserved...Helen
WOO HOO super congratulations Tim! Knew this one was destined for the winners circle. I showed it to a friend last night and he almost fell off his chair laughing. So glad this received the placing it so richly deserved.
I am literally wiping away tears! The manglement of the English language had me rolling on my porch swing. Kudos, brother, on your well-deserved first place. :-D
I can understand why Nanette needed medical leave! Wow. I think my blood pressure rose just reading this! Haha.
I am not a FW judge to critique anyone's writing but I have to tell you I laughed all the way through this entry...Thank you so much for giving me a laugh.
Brilliant! Creative, snarky and even painfully true. Excellent first place winner.
This was tremendouselly HILL-AR-IOUS! :D A very well-deserved first place win. (Was totally laughing all through. ;) )
This is the best article I've read in a long time. I laughed so hard. You are truly a master. Congratulations on the well deserved first place.
I heard about this and had to come and read it for myself. What a riot! Excellent writing! I loved it from beginning to end! :-)
Ha, I loved this! I'll bet it was harder to write than it looks, too. Great job!