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Thanks for sharing your viewpoints with us.
I had to smile at the affidavit each student was required to sign and your "how gullible my students were…" and "other contractual relationships…keeping the courts busy..." I think I need to have my university student daughter read this. :)
What a creative setting and format to convey these truths! The dialogue was believable, and the concepts sure challenged my own way of looking at writing and reading. Having been a teacher, I loved your MC's cleverness. Wish I'd tried this on my own students many years ago.
Very interesting take on the topic, and very well-written. Your MC's statements are thought-provoking, as they should be.
I like this for the great advice the professor gives - and for the crisp writing and clear scene you set of course. I saw a few very minor punctuation typos, but nothing story altering. The first paragraph is a little long; you might break it into two, and after that your story moves into flashback, but doesn't seem to return. Was the flashback necessary? Overall, I enjoyed this one very much--one of your best entries lately inho. :) Cat
Ahh, reminds me of my first college comp classes...had to sign the pesky Syllabus too. Heehee! good authentic feel to this and I liked the way the prof explained Peer reviews. I remember doing those too...whew!
You've offered some of the clearest reasons I've seen for the need of peer editing.(This is really hard for very young teens because they want to make good comments for their friends or the more popular kids.)
Good job Dub, thought provoking. Who AM I writing for?
I enjoyed this very much. It's true about writing. Who are we writing for? I write for the glory of God and I pray I'm able to bring that point to the fore, but that lay with the readers and how they view my writing.
I enjoyed this! A couple things I'd still like to know--fiction or non-fiction? Did the girl ever sign the syllabus? ;)
I wouldn't have a problem with my peers reading my work if I was doing a course, but to stand up in front of the group and read it out would be pure nightmare material. What your MC told the students about their writing improving with peer editing is not very different to what happens here on FW. Still, I'm sure glad we don't have to sign an affidavit :-)
Great way to discuss critiquing in an more creative way. Loved the class members!