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A creative story for showing the importance of humility in the author, and the willingness to receive advice from both readers and more experienced writers.
Loved it! Wish we, and our FW buddies, could or would do the same with our "stuff", that we call 'writing' -(if you know what I mean, as in HONESTY) This was truly an interesting read, hit home, humorous, and writr's true feelings at being "shot down" so to speak. Neat job, well written, and Bull's Eye on target. Enjoyed it from A to Z, with no boredom; (which is rare due to a short attention span when critiquing) Kudos!...with a capital "K". (^.^) !
This was hilarious, and humbling! Oh geesh, why can't we learn humility some other way? If I ever join a critique group, I'll google the membership list first! :P Such a fun read!
I really liked the line about unveiling your first born---it sure does feel that way, doesn't it?

Really enjoyed this well written, fun read.
I liked this a lot. There's so much truth in the critiques and also in the way the writer handles them. I learned a lot from your message. Great read.
Thoroughly enjoyed this in every respect. In addition to the lol moments as I read this, also left me smiling!
Very amusing, and I love the MC's voice.

I almost expected your MC to persist in their attitude, despite finding out the credentials of the critiquers!
I sensed the MC's attitude right from your introduction... This vibrated with feeling: sarcasm, presumption, and finally humility... as the MC's accepted the group's critique "laced with grace." (Few missing commas, but very enjoyable / on-topic.)
A great mix of enthusiasm, reality and self-deprecation. A good fun read. Well done.
How many of us have felt exactly the same as your MC? You've done a masterly job in showing her emotions towards the critiques. Great job, loved it.
Very creative, original, well-written and fun. Great job with dialogue, including the "self-talk" your MC was doing. Really good stuff here.
Loved the title. Don't ask if you don't want truth. That is what I want from everybody that reads what I write. I don't want platitudes. They do not help us grow in our writing skills as well as teaching us lessons in humility. Great job.
Great job! My favorite line: I thank everyone for their feedback, promise Ill return next month, determine to never waste three hours with these wannabes again, and crave chocolate. as well as the laced with grace.