The Official Writing Challenge
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Great advice! How much wiser we will become if we heed the critiques that we recieve!
The is a gorgeous illustration of the Proverbs verse. I love your recurring lines, "It feels like" and then "But." This has such a powerful message!
This entry spells out how the Writer feels being critiqued; the benefits of being critiqued, and also how a writer can learn from it. Nicely stated in poetic fashion, hitting the nail on the head, Topic-wise. Creative, enjoyable read and well done!
You truly get what writing means to a writer. These are our "babies" that we've birthed, and we're very touchy about what others say about them! Love the contrast between what you "feel", and what is true. Nicely done.
Beautifully written and very true. Sometimes critiques hurt, but if they are given in love than with God's help we can and do grow. We become better than we were.