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Ahhh, I feel your pain - been there, thought that, a million times. I think you captured what most of us struggle with so often as writers. Not gonna write a negative critique with this one, because you nailed the writer's common temptation, to give up. Keep pressing on - for our audience of One!
This is such a good story and a great lesson learned by the main character! I love the conversation with God.

I can relate to the character's "sourball mood." It's almost like we think, "I'm doing just fine being grumpy and I don't feel like cheering up right now." Humans can be so goofy. It's a good thing God is patient and doesn't strike us with lightning bolts when we mess up. ;)

I found this entry very encouraging. Thanks for sharing!
"Everybody gets the Blues sometme," is a Merle Haggard song I love...and you have pointed out that all Writers get them also. Many months go by and not even in top 40 and sometimes no critiques either; However, if just one somebody, reads just one poem, story or essay and gets a blessing from it...we've sewed a seed for God. Right? Nice job of telling it like it is!
Eek, don't dare say anything critical lest I be labelled the spawn of Satan!!!
You certainly touched on a few emotions that we all express on a regular basis. But, hey, fifth place is good in any level.
I totally, totally liked this! So creatively unique, and most of all...loved the flair of humor and truth with truth and more truth! :)
I loved the title and the contents. Boy this hit me right between the eyes. Beautifully written and right on point. Good job of expressing how many writers have felt and some still do.
Very inventive story and a very good read. Thank you.
Congrats on second place! This entry deserved it. :)
Dusti, this conversation with God is wonderful, I could "hear" it! ...and I love your powerful ending! Super congrats on your Editor's Choice!!!
Because you've captured what I (and many writers) feel today, I am encouraged. Thank you so much. Hats off to you for your placements with this entry. Great work.
You deserve the place, indeed! I identify myself with your MC. Like her, tears are shed feeling discouraged as a writer. But the ending, the resolve encouraged me to do as your MC decided to do-- with God's gracious help. I like your writing and your voice very much. Thank you so much. God bless you.
I have thought these words often. Thank you for putting them on paper so nicely. Thanks for the constructive criticism on my challenge entry. I write from the heart and forget to read it with an editors heart sometimes. I will work on that.