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The suspense was wonderful. I could feel the fear. Your descriptions drew me into the story. I'm not sure if it's because my memory of history is not the greatest, but I didn't know what Valkyrie was until I googled it. But even without that knowledge I was aware of the danger and importance of keeping that manuscript in the right hands.
Superb writing! Resolution? My history fails me on this.
Wow, this is gripping and chilling! You've excellently infused this with emotion. I love your title!
You kept the suspense and tension taught all the way through your story. The plot and characters were all very believable. I especially liked the way your dialogue helped to drive the story forward.
I loved the story and characters and hated the Nazis. But like some other commenters, I didn't know the history enough to get the resolution. I know Dietrich Bonhoffer, but who is Ernst and what did he write?
wow! well done. literally held my breath.

and as soon as you said Dietrich I knew who it was. (Great story in itself)

Can't say I have anything red to offer, just praise I'm afraid.

Tears are swimming as I write these words. How powerful! May I always hold the bible as a treasure that is worth more than I can possibly imagine.
Thank you for writing this.
Stunning "re-enactment" of history! Well done indeed! Congratulations on your placement.
Kristi -- Congrats on "Highly Commended" with this wonderful entry!