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A very compelling tale. You brought me into it very effectively. I felt like I was right there.

Caught a few punctuation errors, but those are easily fixed.

What a wonderful way to teach the past AND prepare us for the future!
A fitting title for the story and a great opening sentence. In the first sentence the word should be "brakes", instead of "breaks". You have described well the risk believers have taken to pass on, and to receive, God's word.
Beautifully told story - you captured the suppresive, fearful atmosphere very well. You drew the reader in emotionally - I shared their excitement when they opened the parcel!
Great work on this rich-with-history entry. The danger to those who live in this time-period was tangible. Your ending gave me chills.
I loved this, as I enjoy most writing about this troubling time. I DO want to read more.
Very interesting and well done...more, please.
To say I loved this is not enough. This was so powerful and in my opinion it is coming to pass everywhere. God bless you for putting pen to paper and bring oppression to life.
What if we Americans cherished every word, every sentence, every page? You gave us much to think about with this worthy piece. Thank you.
COMPLETELY intriguing and what a meaning and powerful message!

I was so inspired by your wake up call to the reality of what is taking place in the here and now!
A compelling and intriguing read told with great atmosphere. And the message is so poignant and profound. If Scripture could only be more revered today, how much better a world this would be.
So well done bringing us right in to the emotion and suspense of that time. I too would like to hear more. Very well written.
Jesus puppy, beautiful story and the explanation underneath made it that much more poignant. I never want to take the word of God for granted, and my access to it. In it are the words of the living God.
Pup, it's worth a lot. This is good. We all need to remember this history, only by knowing the past can we even attempt to prevent it from happening again.
Compelling and perfectly told!
Very interesting and well done. A good read with a great message.
Great story! I read many stories and testimonies of Christians in oppressive nations and the lengths they must go through to safely read God's Word. As the others said, you did a wonderful job of capturing that atmosphere! The note at the end took the words right out of my mouth.
Wow! I'm amazed at how much information and story you fit into such a short space, yet still with excellent descriptions that put me in the setting and location. Plus the tremendous message.