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Your title is so perfect (and creative)! I enjoyed your Biblical fiction and I love this powerful statement, "...Jehoiakims arrogant self-delusion: thinking he could silence the Lord of Hosts " Nice work!
This was amazing - a real favourite this week. What a creative angle you took on the topic, bringing the characters to life. What stands out for me is the message of the arrogance that thinks it can destroy God's word. Beautifully done!
I enjoyed this very much... bringing the Word of God to life... as indestructible and enduring. Well written...
Fantastic. Loved this so much. Funny how people think they can silence God's Holy Living Word.
Congrates on this one Noel!

I should've taken mer'e time to read it better. I like how you give us a glimpse of Gods providence working despite all efforts of evile men.
Excellent. And try as I might, I can't fault you on your historical detail either. Well rehearsed and executed
Congrats on "Highly Commended" with this excellent entry!