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Encouraging story to read this. Thanks for sharing it.
This is fascinating, I'd never heard this story before. I enjoyed reading this "rest of the story" story! Nice work!
It is neat to hear that this is a true story! It is an encouraging reminder not to give up when we get discouraged...
WHOA! Fantastic. I enjoyed this immensely. It just goes to show us never give up.
Loved this piece. A good message to never give up.
Wow! This is fabulous! I've always loved Dr. Peale's work. His "Power of Positive Thinking" gave me hope when I was feeling depressed. And you wrote this up so well. Congratulations!
I loved Mrs. Peale and how she followed her husband's request while doing what she wanted. I did find the story a bit choppy, but characters and dialogue were great.
This is a great read. I like that it's based on a true story.
What a great, inspirational story - love that she kept it in the trash can.

It is a bit choppy, I think - and could use a touch more showing, but I really enjoyed it (SO glad I recognized the last name - was fun having an "inside scoop" on who this was.
I too enjoyed the true story account.

It would be very easy to make this read smoother.

Carrying the manuscript in the trash can showed a deep level of submission to her husband's wishes. Good job.
Great story, especially the way you told it. I was wondering why the wife held on to the trash can - and then you answered it with a very logical and satisfying reason. Great job.
Very interesting history of a well-known book. Thank you for sharing it. (Red ink--some periods need to be swapped out for commas.)
Until you revealed Ruth's last name, I thought I was reading a current-event story from your own experience. I like the timelessness you achieved. And, it's always fun to learn a behind-the-scenes account of real people. I also came calling to thank you for reading my "Grandma...little girl" story and leaving your sweet comment. I love you, too, my dear!
Rita a powerful story. This is a wonderful testimony to others when they feel defeated.