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So creative! I really love the POV of this one!!!
Wow, makes me want to send my fiction novel roses and apologize for spending time with my non-fiction writing lately. Very good.
This was great! The jilted manuscript writes a Dear John letter. I love it!
I love every part of this.
I love this!
What a hoot! Personifying that doggone frustrating manuscript we all have at some point that doesn't ever seem to go anywhere. Kudos!

Catherine Craig
This is so INCREDIBLY clever! Just ADORE this piece. Must have been loads of fun to write. Hope it does VERY well.
Superb voice! And I love the punned names. This was great fun.

What a twist on topic.
Best read i've had all day.
Thanks. Great piece.
I love your characterisation of the manuscript as the jilted lover. All writers must be able to relate at one point or other! Thanks.
Love the tone. Fun to read too. I enjoyed this.
All I can say is superb. I loved this and I hope one day to be in your class. WOW
I LOVE THIS!! Total enjoyment.

Wonderful, Fantastic FUN. Fresh and creative with so many superb details!! The "Anna Karenina" shredder remark is priceless along with many others.

Absolutely ADORE the voice. "She" totally rocks! :)

Extremely well done!!

You have exposed me as the literary cad I have always been! Many are my past creative attempts, tossed aside for better ideas, that have now formed a firm opposition to me simply because I threw them in the trash. But I really didn't know my forgotten writings were so bitter about it. Do forgotten writings ever forgive?

Excellent... Excellent... Excellent writing on this one. Marvelous POV.
LOL! Love this "woman" and her fury! ...and your creativity is amazing here! What fun!
Now this is a creative twist if I've ever read one. Wonderfully written and oh, so believable with the scorn oozing out of each and every word.
Loved it! Jumping into the paper shredder had me laughing! Excellent - it should make all us writers think about those stories we bagan but never finished!
Very funny, Lynn. I wonder if that is what my forgotten manuscript is thinking about. I hope the drawer I dumped it in is secure, so it can't run!
Lynn - I know I've commented on this, but I have to say, AGAIN, how much I ADORE it. WONDER FUL!! You really have matured amazingly as a writer. SO glad I found this one.
Congrats on your 3rd place EC!
Congratulations Lynn. This was very creative and great fun to read.
Very fitting that this received such high placement.

My only red ink would be "you've gave up" and hardly worth mentioning in such an amazing piece.

Thoroughly enjoyable and creative!
Lynn, Congrats on your ribbon (1st place!!) AND your Editor's Choice award!
If manuscripts could talk! This was hilarious! I loved every bit of it, and the creativity was there from start to finish. You masterfully executed this idea, and definitely deserved your EC and third place win!
Wow, just wanted to say congradulations on your first place win. It was well worth the win.
Oh, I love this. Funny, and yet serious at the same time. A great combination, and one that's hard to pull off.
Cpngrats on your EC placing with this wonderfully creative entry! Loved their names!
Oh, boy . . . my, my, my . . . what a wonderful read! Bulls-eye creative, and a hoot to boot.

Congratulations on your 1st Place Win, Lynn.