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Love that last line. Nice job with voice too.

I found the character names pretty similar, and thus got confused as to who was saying what. Could just be me though.

Love the lesson.

Cute little twist at the end.

I'd have liked something to help me invest a bit more in the MC--I didn't really get a sense of his personality.

Snappy and well-paced; I enjoyed reading this.
I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.
Oh, the things you can learn, or be reminded of... :) (I may file this info away for future reference myself!) :)
I liked the clever way you worked in the solution to the MC's problem, as well as the realization where his help really came from.(Hmmm, wonder how you knew so much about outlines?)
Entertaining and educational at the same time! Sounds like a great teacher to me!
I enjoyed this one. We can get out insights in very unexpected places, if we are open to what God wants us to learn.
A great read! Like others have said, I love the twist at the end.
Clever use of a conversation so the mc could get a handle on what he needed to know, even while he was stressed about his only perceived way of gaining it. So true to life.