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Only genuine, bona fide Writers are hep to all the pitfalls that are listed I can assume this writer has been on the Merry-go-Round of sending in manuscripts to magazines, newspapers, etc. It's a tough competitive business out there, I KNOW! Although this entry has many good thoughts, I felt it got bogged down mid-way through. But loved the thoughts of scripture writing and the Dead Sea Scrolls data. so true! Nice job.
I like your analogy in this writing. And I especially like that you read your work thoroughly before submitting it. This piece is very professional in style and delivery...And I don't agree that it got bogged down in the middle. You presented very well and clearly the point you were making, that the Bible, as we know it today, was very well edited by the BEST scholars--and many of them--before it was presented to be published...If I were a judge in this challenge competition, I would elect this piece to be at the top of the list. I love well-put-together literatures...And yours was just that!...Helen
Very informative!
WOW! I never realized how difficult it is to get published. Thanks for heads up.
Your entry is rich with information. What a gift the Bible is and the fact that God preserved the manuscripts through all the years is truly amazing. Your beginning verse is perfect for this! Again, you have blessed this reader.
I was impressed with the scholarship of this piece, and that it led directly to the comforting factual support of our faith in the infallibility of Scripture. Interesting and evocative writing.
Wow, I was also impressed with how professionally this is written. I really really enjoyed it and yes, it was very informative. Thanks.
Very well written and interesting.
a professional piece by a seasoned writer. It's always good to see scholarly proof of the Bible's authenticity on top of it all.
I can see why you've called this a devotional - it is didactic in its intent and information. Isn't it odd that even after all the processes published works go through, there is still so many badly written things out there. However, your article does give one hope which carries us all on to our goals.
This one rings loud and clear my brother! Great job with it.

I hope it places, because it is the kind of "faith message we need to hear." We need to be reminded of how God used precisely the exact time and people, who pursued their duty with the upmost zeal.

I feel we are all winner's for reading your articles!!