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Well it's no wonder all 5 got accepted with such talent as this storytelling demonstrates. But it trully is remarkable as well. Congratulations--may their messages be well received.
Very creative point of view.
Definitely a unique POV.

Call me a pragmatist--whenever I read a story where inanimate objects talk, I find myslef wondering things like "where are their lips?" I know, I'm just weird that way.

I doubt there'll be any story similar to this out-of-the-box entry!
I loved the talking manuscripts. This was right up my alley. Will I ever get a manuscript published? That lay with God. I enjoyed this.
Very creatively done!
very creative way to encourage writers that those impatient manuscripts will eventually find a publisher if the author himself or herself keeps the determination. That is hard for every author.
I hope this is a true story and those manuscripts really did get published. I am not a fan of talking things but the point was well done. Good job.
Author's note to self: #15 out of 36 on the Ratings List.
I'd like to critique myself; after reading the last paragraph - I thought it would have been MUCH better to have said, "They'd be still arguing about which one made the most impact on the hearts of the people, and which one sowed the most seeds for God. But Hindsight is always better when you have time to evaluate...right? (*.*)