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This is hilarious! Great job bringing important writing tips to life...
This is wonderful. I chuckled all the way.
Clever, unique and creative...but also a bit mind-boggling and confusing. The first pragraph, for instance, reads - "The street was quiet and still"...but then goes on to say "Rumbling thunder, rain hitting pavement like marbles and lightning flshing" (not so quiet after all, right?) was a welcome relief from some "Ho Hum, Non-Action" type storis that put me to sleep with boredom. So I give you a high mark even though I was lost somewhere out in left field, plus some Kudos! (*.*)
Really enjoyed this and loved the ending.

Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us beginner writers also!
Awesome creativity! I am amazed. Very, very fun.
Josh, I just wanted to stop back in and offer my congratulations on your EC!
Who said try to avoid cliches? Of course you did such a marvelous tongue in cheek rendition it's no wonder you received the well-earned EC. Congratulations.
. . . Joshua, please . . . please . . . turn this into a book. Just tell me where to send my money for one . . . my, it was over, far too quickly: darn word limit!

Congratulations, Joshua, on your 1st Place Win.

Smiling ear-to-ear (a cliche
but appropriate) so happy for you, Joshuah. Congratulations - so well deserved.
Josh is back!!! Congratulations. I'm confused but that's the point, right? Good job!
Oooh Josh! Way to go - welcome back! I loved this show and not tell approach and a very enjoyable read to boot. Congratulations!!!
No wonder I didn't get an Editor's Choice this week. What a wonderful story plot!Congratulations on a well deserved win.

And, Josh, welcome to Masters. You finally landed where you have always belonged.
Huge congrats, Josh. Very, very funny!
Congrates. Heading to Master's? So relieved. It's hard to imagine two polish christian writer's on the same level. if I'm wrong forgive me from where-ever you land.
Josh... this story is AMAZING!! ...and I LOVE the title! I was SO EXCITED to see you 1st place--Advanced AND 3rd place EDITOR'S CHOICE... Masters Level will be "richer" with you there! Super congrats friend! ...(and just think, I had my picture taken with you way back --before you were famous-- at the FW conference...) :)
Congratulations, Joshua! This was truly amazing. So excited to see you in Master's next week. I think I'll save a copy of this one to keep myself from using cliches.
Congrats earned it!
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This story was AWESOME! You so deserve that EC! Now move on up here to Masters with the rest of us. :)
For some reason I have the urge to hear you read this with all the voices exaggerated for our amusement. great job and slide on up to Masters. Try not to have a panic attack when you hit submit on your first Masters entry. Of course I'm not speaking from experience at all on this one. :)
Congratulations Josh! So,--- so Creative and on topic. I know you will do as well in Masters.
I look forward to many more entries. Yes, our dreams can reveal a lot!
Well done Josh, glad you decided to write again.
This is great, so creative, funny and also giving awesome writing tips. What a joy to read.
WAY TO GO JOSH!!! Super congratulations, this is awesome.
I loved this story. Please write more!
Wow, great writing, Josh! I was just checking things out from my lengthy absence and this was a delight to see. Congratulations on your success. You are an inspired writer and a great blessing to others. :)