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This is absolutely beautiful. There were a few minor errors with punctuation, but your message was so powerful, I almost didn't mention it. This took great talent to write about such a difficult and heart-wrenching topic.
Oh, I couldn't wait to read the poem; but the writer left us empty and disappointed; However, your story made some very important points, and you, the Writer, did it Your Way...
This gave me the goosebumps through and through. Nothing to be embarrassed about over this entry. It honestly is great. It was packed with so much emotion. I even got chocked up while reading it. If you lived through heart goes out to you but find comfort for you in knowing you allowed God to comfort you. If not, you did one heck of a job feeling the pain!
A powerful message and very thought-provoking. It certainly shows the power of words.
The emotion in your story was tangible. Your title is perfect.
Great story. One bit of red ink is to watch your "there" and "their." You have an emotional, touching premise. Well done.
Powerful. The mother's advice to your MC was so awesome! I've said before I write "for" God, but never thought about writing "with" Him. I will now. Good job showing the emotions, and bringing out emotions in this reader.
Very emotional and engaging story. Would of loved to read Tracey's poem at the end but it worked without it. Keep writing! (and editing :o)
A very moving story with several excellent points. The red ink comments will help in editing, but it conveys its messages very convincingly.
The dialogue in this was very authentic. You did a good job helping your reader feel the pain and emotions that your characters were feeling.

I only wish you had been given a higher word count so that you could have incledd the poem that she ended up using at the funeral. But you did great with 750 words.

Thanks for sharing this.